Clippers players will flourish, and so will surprise GM

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By Jan Hubbard

With a new era in the NBA that features the league dictating the Clippers are blessed and the Lakers are not, it is obviously time for an advanced way of thinking that requires everyone to not only accept changes, but also embrace them.

I read many predictions before games began on Christmas Day and it was clear that the majority of media has yet to adjust to the new NBA. I will have to admit that I made it only halfway with my projections for MVP, Most Improved Player and league champions. My other guesses – and that’s what most sports predictions by media are – were more conventional and I have felt quite guilty since making them.

I can do better.

Since we are only in Day 2 of the 2011-12 NBA season, it’s not too late to right the ship (ah, the Clipper allusion) and acknowledge greatness where it has only rarely existed, and usually not on the court.

My updated predictions/guesses with a straight-forward approach that I’m sure will be recognized as common sense commentary:

Executive of the Year – In a landslide, Hornets general manager David Stern: Here’s a guy who has done for the small market Clippers (?) what they could not do for themselves. It took a little power of persuasion. The Clippers made a big deal out of not wanting to include Eric Gordon in a deal for Paul. But we kept hearing that the league office was working behind the scenes to convince Clippers GM Neil Olshey change his mind and suddenly, he did.

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