Live from New York! It’s the NBA and Saturday Night!

By Jan Hubbard

Twitter: @Whyhub

By now, the writers responsible for Saturday Night Live spoofs are papering the halls of NBC with Kim & Kris scripts. After a couple of weeks off, a new show is scheduled this week and you can bet Kardashian-Humphries will get major play.

Ah, the NBA and reality TV: Fantastic!

The announcement Monday of divorce plans between the couple came after only 72 days of marriage. You can google “Kardashian and over-under” and see that projections of how long the relationship would last were being made immediately after they got married, but the shortest I saw was six months.

That proved to be wildly optimistic.

Getting an SNL interpretation is inevitable, but I’d rather the comedy writers focus on the lockout because there is ample material. Certainly Bill Hader (famous impressions: Rick Perry, James Carville) as David Stern and Kenan Thompson (Al Sharpton, Herman Cain) as Billy Hunter would provide many laughs.

And like the bits with Tina Fey portraying Sarah Palin, the truth would provide the comedy.

Stern character: “All we’re trying to do is have the players help us recover from the last two deals that I made, which were called brilliant for the owners at the time but have now resulted in losses in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. I think it would be fair to say they might have been the two worst deals ever negotiated in the history of sports, which our very rich and demanding owners have, admittedly, reminded me of a few times. Our owners can sustain those type of losses only for another 50 years or so – well, except in the case of Paul Allen – so we have to do something to stop the bleeding.”

Hunter characterI know what the owners are thinking. They think that our players haven’t been prudent with their money. They think a guy like Kris Humphries spending $10 million on a wedding that preceded a 72-day relationship is excessive. Well, let me tell you something. He did not pay. 

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